Challenge JHBuild: Complete :)


Hi everybody, yesterday I installed JHBuild in my laptop.

Today I’m going to talk about this experience and I want you to know the mistakes that I’ve made installing JHBuild.

Well, the first thing that I had to do is to clon the JHBuild in the terminal of Fedora 23 with this command git clone git://

Here we have some screenshots:1.jpgBefore that, I had to put this command ./autogen.sh2.jpg

And there were 4 warnings telling me that was missing the aclocal, automake, autopoint and yelp-tools, in this part we didn’t know how to solve this warnings, but Julita had an idea, she suggested us to install all of them and we started with yelp-tools 


Then we wrote again ./ to check if it was solved and it was 😀 so we expected that for the rest of them

4.jpgWe wrote sudo dnf install automake and it solved two (autoconf…

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Se crea el Blok Log, Blogolock. 24-06-2010

Espero tener un buen blogolock en marcha y funcionamiento, ¡gracias a todos lo que lo hicieron posible!

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